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Site: Statue of White Cattle And Fairy Maiden

Author£ºmaar Date:2010/3/24
    According to a legend, long time ago, there lived an old woman in Huguang area. She lived with her son, and earned their living from her son¡¯ cutting firewood in the hills. Later, when her son accidentally fell down the hill and died, the old woman cried inconsolably for three days and three nights. One day a white came to the old woman¡¯s house, ploughed in her lands. The old woman was both pleased and surprised. Once the old woman had no harvest of food for several days, the white ox brought two sacks of rice with 2 horns. Since then, the old woman loved ox like her very life. She treated the ox like her son, living in the same house and share food. Later in one year, the local area were attacked by   natural disasters, the villagers killed the white ox for food. When the old woman heard the message, she burst into cry and wild with grief. She suddenly sprang on to the ox¡¯s horns. Immediately blood sprayed from her head. Suddenly, the sky turn dark with thunder and lightning, "Boom," with a thunderous roar, hill collapsed and the surface ground subsided and sank downward , Within lightning, the old woman turned into a fairy, riding on a white ox and rose to the sky. Since then, the local place has formed a lake.


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