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Site: Dawn Redwood Forest

Author£ºmaar Date:2010/3/24
Beside the lake, there is an area having highly-enriched negative-oxygen ions. According to determinations, negative-oxygen content present here arrives at as high as 105 688 per cubic centimeter, a ¡°natural oxygen bar¡± true to its name. Negative ions are oxygen ions carrying negative electric charges contained in the air, capable of eliminating dust, killing bacteria and purifying air. Medicinal evidence proves that human bodies cannot be satisfied with their normal breathing demand until negative-oxygen ion content arrives at 700 per cubic centimeter in a specific given space; if negative-oxygen ion content reaches 1 000 per cubic centimeter, the air in that given space would become particularly pure and fresh; if negative-oxygen ion content exceeds 8 000 per cubic centimeter, supplemental curative effect would be achieved in the field of curing human bodies of their various diseases. This is because negative-oxygen ions are able to promote human beings¡¯ blood circulation and enhance oxygen-carrying capability in the blood, benefiting a great deal to respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, etc. in terms of supplemental curative effect, and especially in the fields of antioxidation and antisenescence.

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