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Local Specialty Products

Author£ºmaar Date:2010/3/30
Zhanjiang local recipes are of traditional Cantonese cuisine flavor, but due to difference in environment, climate, phenology and customs with other parts of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang formed its typical local flavor foods. Here we introduce a small part of the selections:
°×Çм¦¡¡Soft-boiled Chicken.  There are many places in Guangdong provice that serve plain cooked chicken, but Zhanjiang people are particularly fond of soft-boiled chicken. It is Zhanjiang people¡¯s festival special dish and the first course of local banquet. While preparing soft-boiled chicken, local Zhanjiang people will focus on chicken selection, cooking and seasoning. Selected small bone chickens are from local farmers who feed chicken with natural feed (no artificial fodder and no big bone chicken) ; The cooking requires low fire and dip-boiling until 80% to 90% done. Seasoning ingredients are sand ginger and mashed garlic. Local soft-boiled chicken is with tender meat and tasty flavor, a very appetizing dish. Local markets and restaurants sell soft-boiled chicken at the price of RMB 30-50 per kilogram.
ÇåÖó»¨Ð·¡¡Boiled Spotted Sea Crab.   Zhanjiang people eat spotted sea crab with special boiling method, which is, wash the sea crabs thoroughly, then put them wholly into the pot, place lid on pot, and no more water. Cool with slow, simmer fire, when fragrance smelled, the crabs are ready. This preparation method maintain the spotted sea crab¡¯s own flavor, so it is particularly delicious. Sweet vinegar go best with Spotted Sea Crab because there is a parasitic fungi in crab which can be killed by vinegar effectively. In urban area, spotted sea crab prices generally range between RMB 10 to 30 per kilogram. The lowest price comes in summer and autumn each year. When there are high tides, local market retailers yell to sell spotted sea crabs. Each restaurant has boiled spotted sea crab for sale.
ɳ³æÌÀ¡¢É³ÂÝÌÀ¡¡Clamworm Soup , Atlantic Whelk Soup.  Clamworm (Sipunculus  nudus  Linnaeus) , atlantic whelk ( Sanguinolaria acuta) are all famous local seafood products, which are nourishing for vitality. Local people are fond of cooking soup and congee with clamworm and atlantic whelk. In hotel and restaurant, scalded atlantic whelk are major well-known cuisine.
ÓÍըϺ±ý Fried Shrimp Flatcake.  Zhanjiang urban and town areas are widespread with fried shrimp flatcake food stand. Fried shrimp flatcake¡¯s preparation method: Add chopped scallion into rice paste, transfer into a small iron spoon, plus two shell-off shrimp, then pour slowly into an oil caldron, fry until the flatcake ¡®color turned golden brown, pick up the flatcake, accompanied by a small amount of salt and a piece of lettuce. The cuisine are of appetizing fragrance. In Guangdong Cuisine Festival, fried shrimp flatcakes received good comments by Chinese and foreign customers.
À×ÖÝ°×(Ã×ÒÒ)¡¡Leizhou White Glutinous Rice Cake.  In Leizhou Peninsula, there is a circulating saying: Visitors to Leizhou, the first site is Sanyuan Temple£¬the second thing is to try Leizhou white glutinous rice cake. It seems that Leizhou white glutinous rice cake has long been well-known. The preparation method is, using high-quality glutinous rice flour to make outer crust, and coconut silk, sugar, etc. for filling, then steam with high fire until done. This rice cake¡¯s characteristics are sweet and smooth in taste. There are more than 30-50 food stands that sell Leizhou white glutinous rice cakes, tens of thousands of these rice cakes are sold out daily. On market day, sales are even greater. In Guangdong Cuisine Festival, Leizhou white glutinous rice cake received good comments.
À×ÖÝ´óôÕ¡¡Leizhou big glutinous rice dumpling wrapped with reed leaves.  Leizhou big dumpling has a long history, it is once known as the ideal food in the southern region. Its preparation method is, using glutinous rice as the outer layer, lotus seed, pork, fructus Jujubae, black mushrooms (Lentinus edodes), etc. for filling, wrapped with Hainan reed leaves in large size, steam 4 to 5 hours, the big dumpling is ready. Leizhou people often eat big dumplings with beef soup, so it is also call beef big dumpling.
ľҶ¼Ð¡¡Leaf folder(steamed glutinous rice cake between folded leaves.) Local people love to bring rice cakes to pay visit to friends and relatives. The leaf folder is the most popular gift.  There are 2 fragrance, salty and sweet. They are all wrapped in a outer-layer made of glutinous rice powder. The salty leaf folder uses peanuts, loach fish, dried small shrimp, salted turnip mixture for filling; sweet leaf folder use sugar, shredded coconut, sesame, peanuts, etc., as mixture for filling . After that, wrap the rice cake with jackfruit leaves or banana leaf patches on both sides, steam for about one hour, the leaf folder is done.
Å´Ã×ÌðÔã¡¡Sweet Pot Ale made of glutinous rice.  Local Zhanjiang people have a long history in making sweet pot ale. The method is, cook glutinous rice until done, then add distiller's yeast, seal into containers, heat up a little in winter, after 36 to 48 hours of fermentation, the sweet pot ale is done. The pot ale is of sweet and clear taste, suitable for general people¡¯s drink. Adding a small amount of brown sugar and eggs, the sweet pot ale is good for health. Local women in confinement must drink and eat sweet pot ale that must be prepared one month before childbirth, plus small amount of rice wine. A few bowls per day help to nourishing the women¡¯s vitality. At celebration of the first month of a newborn baby and for old age family member¡¯s birthday, the host will serve each guest a bowl of sweet pot ale made of glutinous rice at the entrance, then to prepare the meals. In history, the most famoux sweet pot ale were produced in Wushi town of Leizhou. Nowadays, all farmer's market have sweet pot ale for sale at the price of RMB 3 to 5 per kilogram.
·¬ÊíË¿Öà¡¡Sweet Potato Shred Congee.  This food used to be the main food for Zhanjiang people to live on during famine and shortages of grains. Later, as rice and grains are abundant, the dish almost disappeared. But in recent year, as the improvement of living standards, sweet potato shred congee became a fashionable food. Liancheng and Anpu towns of Lianjiang started first to sell sweet potato shred congee, after that, it is popular all over the city. Even high-class restaurant have sweet potato shred congee for sale. Tourists from other places come to have a taste of the food in Zhanjiang. Especially in hot summer, the food is more popular. Now enjoying sweet potato shred congee plus soft-boiled chicken is a great pleasure for Zhanjiang people.

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