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Author£ºmaar Date:2010/3/28
¡¡¡¡The biological environment of Huguangyan National Scenic Spot is very grace and peaceful. Its manmade scenery has a long history with special features. The main tourist resources are the remains of the volcanic lake formed 160,000 years ago. From the Maar lake people can enjoy typical volcanic section, clear water, vitality of the fig roots, big rattons around basalt rocks, as well as other natural sceneries of the volcanic terrain.

The big and strong rooted roots

The East Entrance of Huguangyan

The West Entrance of Huguangyan

East-direction overlook picture of Huguanyan (aerophoto)

Once Boiling Volcanic Slop

¡¡¡¡The Maar lake, basalt caves, stiff rocks around the lake is so beautiful that it makes people to the nature world completely. But on the other hand, the volcanic slop and basalt rocks around destroyed all the livings at its eruption. At present, the rocks are embraced with fig roots and huge rattans. All these show the staunch spirit of all livings on earth.

Morning Sun of New Millennium
The first red sunrise of Huguangyan in the new century(2000.1.1)

Blue Sky and Clear Water

Lengyan Monastery Temple

The Poet Tablst Written by
Comrade Huo Moruo

The Statue of White Ox

¡¡¡¡The unique natural scenes and manmade spots in Huguangyan have attracted many famous literators, poets and visitors. As early as one thousand five hundred years ago, in Chinese Shui Dynasty, monks and nuns at that time built their temples around the Maar lake, called Lengyanshi and Baiyian respectively. Since then, more and more people came here praying for better fortune. The inscriptions on the rock by late Prime Minister Li Gang in Sun Dynasty shows the history and precious of the lake. Our Government and State leaders, Mr. Deng Xiaopin, Zhu De, Chen Yi, Dong Biwu and Guo Moruo visited Huguangyan and left their inscriptions too.

Zigzag Bridge Pavilion

Huguangyan Was Written by LiGang Who
Was The Orime Mmister of Song Dynasty

¡¡¡¡In the past years, Zhanjiang City Government had listed Huguangyan as a key environmental and tourist spot. A number of projects, such as the East gate of the lake, Ancient Leizhou Village, Ethnic Tribe Garden, tea-house and the volcanic museum have been built up. Now Huguangyan has become into the National Scenic Spot, National Geological Park, 4-A National Tourist Spot, National Science Educational Base and National Water-ski Training bases. As a result, more than one million visitors visited the lake each year and the number is increasing steadily.

Natural Tea Pot

Folk Customs Park

Global Geopark National park National Science Educational Base AAAA scenic spot National Geopark
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