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Conference for the 2014 Revalidation Mission is held in Haikou District by Leiqiong Global Geopark

Author£ºmaar Date:2013/7/18


On the morning of July 15th, the working meeting on the preparation for the midterm evaluation of Leiqiong Global Geopark in 2014 was held in the Volcanic Park in Haikou city. The present are professor TAO Kuiyuan, member of expert committee of Global Geoparks and professor in Nanjing University, officers from office of land and resources of Hainan province, departments of land and resources of Haikou and Zhanjiang city, and persons in charge of the two Geoparks.

In the meeting, professor TAO put forward his comments and request on preparation for the midterm evaluation in 2014, and defined the working scheme on the evaluation. He pointed out that, in the past four years, based on the expert suggestions in the first midterm evaluation, much work had been done to improve the Park in many aspects, after the Leiqiong Geopark had passed the first midterm evaluation in 2010. Currently, the second midterm evaluation is approaching. With the bigger progress of geoparks and higher assessing criterion by the Global Geoparks network, professor TAO suggested that, the two parks should coordinate with each other and make out the working agenda of the preparation in line with midterm evaluation requirements.

Later on, officers from departments of land and resources of Haikou and Zhanjiang city took turns to make speeches on midterm evaluation preparation. They have made consensus that the two parks in Zhanjiang and Haikou city are insolated parts as a whole. As the competent authorities, two departments will coordinate in the preparation for evaluation and make sure the Leiqiong Geopark will pass the second evaluation. In the meeting, Mr. HE Gui, director of Huguangyan scenic spot, and Mr. CHEN Yaojing, director in the Haikou park, also gave speeches and promised a better communication and coordination between two parks, a comprehensive preparation for the evaluation, and a great success in this assessment in 2014.

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