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Geologists are invited by Leiqiong Global Geopark to give a lecture on popular science

Author£ºmaar Date:2013/11/19


On the morning of September 15th, some geologists and experts were invited by the Leiqiong Global Geopark to give a lecture on popular science of geology in classroom 03023 in Guangdong Ocean University, in order to take advantages of geopark resources and publicize geological knowledge. In this lecture, professor TAO Kuiyuan, the former chief scientist in volcanic geological and mineral research center of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Dr. WU Zhenyang, director of AGHK and Ms. CAI Muzhen£¬deputy director of AGHK gave wonderful and scientific lecture. More than 100 audiences including teachers and students majoring tourism management in the university and personnel of the Lake Huguang Scenic Spot were present in the lecture.

During this lecture, professor TAO elaborated the forming process and features of Leiqiong Maar lake of China with a theme of volcano and maar lake, making a probing analysis of the impacts of Lake Huguang Maar of Zhanjiang on the study of international climate change, highlighting the big role the Park has played in it and raising public¡¯s interest on volcano and Maar lake. And Dr. WU lectured revolving around the topic of ¡°Geoparks and Geological Tourism: invisible treasure to be discovered¡±, portraying a sensible picture of main functions of geoparks and publicizing the three goals of geoparks¡ªpopularization of science, environment conservation and sustainable development. Last, the lecture on Docent¡¯s role and skills given by Ms. CAI demonstrated vividly that how to be a qualified docent with a flexible command of sense, knowledge and empathy skills. In the end, the magnificent lectures by the three geological experts won the applause from the audiences with professional angle and simple language. In the meantime, the interaction between experts and audiences also enhanced the public enthusiasm and understanding to geological popular science, which was quite beneficial for citizens.

According to relevant official of the Lake Huguang, this lecture is intended for further popularization of geological knowledge and deeper understanding of geoparks. Undoubtedly, from this knowledge window, citizens are able to gain a better picture of historic culture and natural landscape of Leiqiong Global Geopark, moving the construction of Leiqiong Geopark one more step, making the Park more fully prepared for the reevaluation by UNESCO in 2014.

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