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Symposium on the Application and Evaluation for Global Geopark is held in Zhanjiang

Author£ºmaar Date:2013/11/27


In order to strengthen the management of Global Geopark of China and carry out the new requirements on geopark by UNESCO, a symposium on application and evaluation for Global Geopark was held in Zhanjiang Haibin Hotel under the chair of Ministry of Land and Resources on September 26th. Over 100 participants, including Mr. CHEN Xiaoning, deputy chair of geological environment department, Mr. ZHANG Chaoqun, deputy inspector of Guangdong provincial department of Land and Resources, Mr. LUO Xiping, deputy mayor of city of Zhanjiang, representatives of Department of Land and Resources from 18 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and global geoparks were present in the symposium.

This symposium made a detailed introduction to experiences and methods on successful applications for two newly-elected global geoparks¡ªShennongjia Global Geopark and Yanqing Global Geopark¡ªand to the preparation for reevaluation of six global geoparks, including Xingwen Global Geopark. In addition, the experts and professionals analyzed some key problems existing and development direction of the domestic geoparks in the future. What is more, the symposium explained some details of the evaluation by the executive board of Global Geopark network, and offered guiding comments on the upcoming application and reevaluation for the Global Geopark in 2014.

¡°In the first place, there is no mechanism of thorough organization and fusion. Secondly, comprehensive and successive growing mechanism is missing. In other words, most of the parks only place emphasis on application process, rather than growth, resulting in enormous difficulties in successful application, let alone to preserve this reputation.¡± While Mr. CHEN was making a positive comment on the efforts by those parks, he also pinpointed the current problems in the domestic global geoparks in China. As to how to carry out the application and reevaluation for the Global Geopark, Mr. Chen made a request that the Park should design uniform identification, completed map. Much has to be done to solve the problems in the parks crossing different administrative regions, set up joint conference, and create uniform evaluation proposal, identification and website. All in all, the Parks need to follow the requirements set by the UNESCO, highlighting their special features of their own.

It is reported that Global Geoparks need take the midterm evaluation every four years. Leiqionig Global Geopark was approved of the Global Geopark in 2006, and passed the first evaluation in 2010. It will face the midterm evaluation in 2014. Focusing on this crucial issue, Mr. CHEN pointed out that the Park needed to resolve the problems due to the trans-provincial management over the strait. He also proposed that each provincial department of land and resources should take a lead and set up joint conference, and create uniform evaluation proposal, identification and website, endeavoring to pass the reevaluation by UNESCO next year.

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