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Leiqiong Global Geopark established sister-park relationship with other three geoparks

Author£ºmaar Date:2013/11/28


Leiqiong Global Geopark has signed contracts with Yantang Mountains, Fang Mountains and Mount Taishan Global Geoparks respectively, establishing a united sister Geoparks League. This League is intended for building up a communication platform for each other, enhancing the exchange and collaboration between the parks on geological scientific research, scenic area management, environmental protection and personnel training substantially.

Mr. Zheng Yuan, office director of national geoparks network centre of Ministry of Land and Resources, park officials and experts from Leiqiong, Yantang Mountains, Fang Mountains and Mount Taishan Global Geoparks were present in the signing ceremony.

Mr. ZHENG believed, the establishment of sister geopark league is a perfect example of constructing a mutual supportive Global Geoparks network, and a appropriate practice of fundamental philosophy of global geoparks. The Global Geoparks network serves as a dynamic communicative platform, where each park is able to play a role in the orchestration, sharing precious resources including management, human resource, scientific research and so forth, benefiting each other and setting good models for others global geoparks.

It is reported that Yantang Mountains, Fang Mountains and Mount Taishan Global Geoparks also established close relationships with each other in the meantime.

Leiqiong Geopark was located in both sides of Qiongzhou strait, consisting of Haikou Geopark and Zhanjiang Geopark, covering a total area of 405.88 square kilometers. Separated by the Qiongzhou strait, the Park is situated the Leiqiong & Lugu Volcanic Belt geologically. In terms of the part in Zhanjiang, the Huguang Maar is a typical Maar Volcano which is known as thousands of postures, fertile red soil, green coconut, azure blue ocean water, and silvery beach, composing a natural combination of harmonious beauty of red, blue and green colors, completing a breath-taking picture, like a valuable gift from our mother nature to her human race.

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